i'm currently constructing, but in the meantime...


some experiments, in progress!

eight: a new york city love story

10 October 2013
My project at hackNY 2013, an infographic/short story built in Raphael.js


Where in the world is grungerabbit?

03 September 2013

lol what have you been doing

I am taking a leave of absence from NYU!

slated to come back spring 2014

I am working fulltime at NASDAQ OMX!

i am a baby product designer @prodaqomx

Number 1 is not caused by number 2! Correlation != causation!

caught you up on stat 101 kthx pay me per credit hour $$$

I am doing well!

considering all the things

I will be involved with tech@NYU + hackNY over the next semester!

because now i have a laptop like a real haxx0r

I have learned and grown a lot in the past year!

ask me about it irl, this ain't formspring

Exclamation points!

well that was a freebie

I live in the UES!

it is quiet and there is a big park

I am twenty years old now!


I want to hang out with you!

let's make it happen

Any questions?